Centralized Control & Monitoring System

CCMS is an IoT device that provides Realtime Remote Control and Monitoring of Street Lights From the HQ. CCMS has an Astronomical Clock which switches on and off the lights automatically throughout the year based on Sunrise and Sunset timing. Monitors the geographical location of the switching point. Uses GSM/GPRS. Communication.

CCMS has a web-server to receive and record all data from the streetlight controllers Reports such as an energy-saving report, lamp failure report, actual hours of operation, uptime (%), etc. can be generated on a daily basis from the data/readings received from the CCMS units.

Registers all fault conditions like excess voltage/current drawn, lamps failure, no‐power supply, etc. through the instantaneous alert messages sent by the CCMS unit.

It is the real-time total power consumption of all the street lights connected to switch points based on selection criteria like State/District/City.

It shows the accumulated power consumption of all the switch points.

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