Transformer Monitoring System (TMS)

ISTL-Transformer Monitoring System (TMS) is an IoT Device and a real-time monitoring and diagnosis tool for Distribution Transformers(LT). Monitors 3Phase Winding and Oil Temperatures, Phase Voltages, Currents & Load Factor. In addition to these functionalities, it has GPS Tracking for accurate alerts and Comes with 3 years or 5 years of Real-time data.

The System offers the latest, state of the art monitoring technology. Online monitoring of the transformer provides real-time information on both the current condition as well as historic trends. The system provides the seamless Transformer remote monitoring using 2G GSM and wifi Modems connected to the Cloud Server.

The Data is stored on the cloud and the Client dashboard is accessed through a web browser for remote monitoring, maintenance operations, and report generations. The back-end analytics would perform a variety of functions to assess the Health Performance of the Distribution Transformer(LT).

The system helps in reducing the CapEx & OpEx for the Power Distribution Companies by providing early warning alerts on the possibility of transformer failures. Helps in Power Theft/ Leakage detection, Increases ARPUs, Improves profit margins and improves quality of power.

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Transformer Monitoring System(TMS)
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