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Pilot Projects

Discover our recent initiative aimed at empowering farmers to save on electricity expenses and become more efficient in managing their energy consumption through education and practical demonstrations.

Broad Scope

Conducted a Two-Day Training CUM Demo Programme for Hundred participants with farmers and pump technicians, duly Replacing Ten (10) existing inefficient pump sets with BEE 5 star rated energy efficient pump sets at each identified location and showcasing the savings towards electricity consumption.


Agriculture Demand Side Management (AgDSM) is one of the key thrust areas for promoting energy efficiency in agriculture pumping system. As we are aware, energy use in agriculture is used primarily for irrigation / pumping out water and for other operations. There was a potential of about 25% to 35% improvement in the efficiency of these pump sets by affecting minor/major rectification and shifting to BEE five star rated pumps. The primary objective was to strengthen the Energy Conservation activities in the state of Telangana through training programs for farmers as well as the extension workers of the state Department of Agriculture to create awareness on energy efficiency and conservation in agricultural practices, particularly in using agricultural pump sets.

Scope of Work

Replacement of Ten (10) existing energy inefficient pump sets with BEE 5 star rated energy efficient pumps aimed at the following:

  • Surveying and identifying the interested farmer/farmers for replacement of Ten (10) existing energy inefficient pump sets with BEE 5 star rated energy efficient pump sets.
  • On the basis of survey, supplied, installed and commissioned Ten (10) 3 phase IoT-based starters and Two (2) IoT-based Electricity Monitoring Units at respective transformer to analyze the day-wise Electricity parameters of the existing system/pump sets.
  • During the analysis/ pre-study of energy consumption is logging the data like load profile of the transformer on each Phase with Peak demand, Total Downtime & Uptime in number of mins. Phase wise (Voltage, Current, PF) at the transformer and Motor pump-set.
  • Conducted the training programme to the farmers, after installation of the IoT devices for creating awareness about how to analyze the electrical parameters like Voltage, Current, Power Factor, etc.
  • After the consent from TSREDCO, supplied, installed and commissioned (retrofit) BEE 5 star rated energy efficient pump sets and duly replacing the old inefficient appliances.
  • Conducted post-study with the farmers upon the analysis of Phase wise Voltage, Current, PF and power drawn by the BEE 5 star rated pump sets which were replaced by the old pump sets and analysis upon the transformer on each Phase with Peak demand.

In addition to the above, the following activities were also implemented

  • Developed the automated data collection and SMS alert system through GSM/GPS communication for real-time alerts during the analysis period to the farmers.
  • Developed Web-based Server for Real-Time Data storage, monitoring, and management for during the analysis period.
  • Developed Web-based-App / Mobile-App for data monitoring/Motor control on Smart Mobiles.
  • Fulfilled the theme of the awareness program and showcased the study by giving a live demonstration to the farmers during the training period.

The Training aimed at the following

  • Financial benefits to farmers/stakeholders by adopting EE & water conservation techniques.
  • Practical sessions: Live demonstration to farmers and technicians on installed BEE 5-star rated energy-efficient pump sets at identified locations and showcased the savings towards electricity consumption right from the LT terminals of the transformer to the end of the user pump set.
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