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    We use wireless and internet tech to automate gas, water, and electricity meter readings at ISTL, eliminating physical access and improving accuracy and convenience.

    At ISTL, we specialize in providing wireless and internet technology solutions for Gas, Water, and Electricity energy utility meter reading, eliminating the need for physical access. Our innovative solution enables the automation of all meter reading, regardless of the meters' distance or position, allowing for a more efficient and streamlined process.

    • 600+ Manpower

      Sesola is a People powered Business with Talented and hardworking people.

    • 400 + MW Capacity Installed

      And Counting to Energize the future with solar power

    • 37 + Projects Executed

      Supplying electricity to more than 255,000 homes with Zero GHG Emmissions.

    • 150 Cr + Total Turnover

      Sesola as an Economic Engine, We are growing Faster

    As a leading provider of wireless and internet technology solutions, ISTL has focused its expertise on creating innovative and reliable solutions for the utility industry. We specialize in developing smart meter reading systems for Gas, Water, and Electricity utility companies, utilizing cutting-edge technology to eliminate the need for physical access to the meters. Our advanced solution enables the automation of all meter reading tasks, no matter the distance or positioning of the meters, providing a more streamlined process and more accurate billing. By using our system, energy providers can save time, increase efficiency, and reduce operational costs, allowing them to focus on providing reliable and cost-effective service to their customers. At ISTL, we are committed to delivering the best technology solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

    ISTL provides professional wireless and internet technology solutions to energy utility companies for meter reading. Our innovative, proximity-free solution automates the meter reading process, streamlines operations, and reduces costs. Our solution is easy to implement, efficient, and reliable.

    How energy management systems can help companies reduce energy costs?

    Companies are using energy management systems (EMS) to reduce costs by identifying areas of wasted energy. EMS platforms monitor power usage, track energy-efficient goals, and identify energy-saving opportunities. Cloud-based EMS allows for remote monitoring and control of energy-consuming devices, real-time data gathering, predictive energy usage and bill estimates, power quality monitoring, and customized reporting. With EMS, businesses can track energy consumption across multiple devices, optimize building usage, and consolidate energy invoices. Remote management allows for controlling devices while away, such as turning off lighting and air conditioning for the weekend.

    The company's expertise and dedication to delivering high-quality results make it a trusted partner for a range of energy projects.