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Empower your energy management with cutting-edge solutions for solar pump monitoring, plant auditing, wireless utility meter reading, and power system management, designed and manufactured by ISTL as per MNRE specifications.

Solar Energy

ISTL has designed and manufactured Drive- Remote Monitoring Systems (D-RMS) for the Solar Pumps as per the MNRE specifications and parameters. ISTL is a licensed installer for solar pump sets and small SPVs installations.

We have a unique system for solar plant monitoring, which monitors and audits the energy consumption from solar and OFF Grid and ON grid energy plants. The system remotely facilitates the energy auditing and control exercise to the solar plants using GPS-GSM-GPRS wireless technologies. We bring wireless and internet technology for Gas, Water, and Electricity energy utility meter reading, without physical access. The solution makes the ability to automate all meter reading irrespective of distance, and position of meters.


ISTL grid management and ISTL smart grid network maintenance suits and solutions.

Power management system record and provide data about power systems, and power-related events. That information is used to manage power generation efficiencies, batteries and capacitor banks and other systems in power generation stations. The Power management system can visually display real-time or historical data. The system ties together the essential data that formerly had to be checked on numerous readouts and gauges by equipment operators. Supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) systems often use Power management systems, especially those used in power plants.

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