Solar Street Light Remote Monitoring System

Solar LED street lighting system has been an important revolution in Efficient energy management. Due to the expansion of LED usage across the utility segment, monitoring and controlling of street lights has become a top priority in order to increase efficiency and reduce the power consumption and to increase and maintain the life of the battery. This project presents a remote street light monitoring and controlling system using RF wireless network. This system helps in controlling and monitoring Street Lights by switching them on/off remotely.

According to the principle of photovoltaic effect, the solar panels receive solar radiation during the day time and then convert it into electrical energy through the charge and discharge controller, which is finally stored in the battery. When the light intensity reduced during night synchronizing to the astronomical clock of the place of the installation and open-circuit voltage of the solar panels reaches a certain value, the controller has detected voltage value and then act, the Battery offers the energy to the LED light to drive the LED's. Battery discharges in the night time/scheduling time and again charging process is continues in the day time. all these operations are monitored by our system and send the electrical and timing parameters like voltage, current, status, and duration of the Light, etc to the web server for real-time monitoring.

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Solar Street Light Remote Monitoring System
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